Real Men Wear Gloves: The Correlation Between Kickboxing and Your Sex Drive

When you think of your typical workout bro, you usually picture a dead-lifting, bench-pressing gym rat. Workouts like Pilates, yoga and kickboxing are often criticized by men for being too “feminine.” Well, gentlemen, what would you say if we told you kickboxing actually helps your testosterone levels and sex drive more than most workouts? Yes – for once, your hormones are actually working in your favor.


It’s no secret that working out helps keep up your endurance and performance in the bedroom, but 9Round kickboxing workouts are designed to give your body a variety. These workouts help shed body fat, sculpt your body and prepare your body for top performance in almost any position.

Our thirty minute workouts with intervals take just the right amount of time to release enough serotonin and dopamine to keep your sex drive constant.

Now, we’re not saying to give up your favorite workouts. If you add squats, pull ups, dead lifts and bench presses to our full body cardio workouts, you’re on the fast track to hitting your “masculine max.”


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