Exercise Excuses: Why You CAN Afford it

We’ve all said it at least once. Some form of “I’ll just work extra hard tomorrow” or “I don’t want a trainer, I know how to work out.” When it comes down to it, time, money and life can get in the way of you and your fitness routine. Here at 9Round Tampa, we’ve learned to beat our excuses and we want you to join us.

We did some research and crunched some numbers to help you see what you’re missing.

photo via crossfitimpulse.com

Look at your habits.

From happy hour cocktails to Netflix binge-sessions to fast food favorites, we all have our guilty pleasures. Our 9Round fam has a motto: keep a balance. We would never ask you to give up treating yourself (or your Netflix account), but making little sacrifices here and there will get you that much closer to your dream body.

Where is your money going?

We typically don’t think about adding up our receipts at the end of the week to see what we spent on lunches, snacks, coffees and treats. Just to give you an idea, the average American spends roughly $2,700 eating out annually. That’s $225 per month! Seventy-five percent of Americans dine out at least once a week and nearly a quarter of those dine out 2-3 more times. That’s cash rolling out and calories rolling in.

Save cash, not fat.

The monthly cost of an all-inclusive 9Round Tampa membership is $79 per month (less than your typical LA Fitness or Planet Fitness membership), which comes out to about $3.00 a day. That’s less than a pumpkin spiced latte with extra whipped cream.

Motivation to make the switch. 

If you want to make any kind of change in life, you have to give a little to get a little. Just because you start allocating some of your funds towards your health and fitness goals, doesn’t mean you can never have a night out at your favorite restaurant! Just remember: it’s all about finding your balance. So make the change today!


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